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John is a freelance actor and SAFD Certified actor combatant specializing in theatrical productions of differing amplitudes. John is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from Florida State University's Asolo Conservatory, in professional relation with The Asolo Rep in Sarasota, FL.  John's various credits have allowed him to explore many different genres of theatre, such as musical theatre, outdoor drama, Shakespeare, and even Greek tragedy!
Pictured above is John performing a piece from Hamlet on-stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London while studying abroad!


With a passion for stage combat, John has served as assistant fight director, fight captain, and combatant in productions with varying physical storytelling needs. Putting it plainly, the guy just really likes playing with swords!

Pictured above is John playing Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet.

Courtesy of Frank Atura.  

John Leggett - Ricky Gee Photography_edited.jpg

"John Leggett handles flawlessly the Strindberg and McGuinness variations on Jean’s character...Leggett’s major achievement is showing Jean suppressing his vulnerability due to habit and strong desires. His failures are not tragic like Julie’s."

Marie J. Kilker for TotalTheatre, Miss Julie at Asolo Conservatory 

"At Friday’s opening performance, first-year student John Leggett took on the role of half-brother John Dashwood at the last minute as though he had been playing the character all through rehearsals."

Jay Handelman for Herald Tribune, Sense and Sensibility at Asolo Conservatory 

"Grounding the proceedings is John Leggett's terrific turn as Jack. He gives the character a natural charisma and confident style that perfectly suit the character -  and make Jack's moments of self doubt all the stronger..."

Neil Shurley for BroadwayWorld SC, Newsies at Greenville Theatre

"Leggett is the spitting image of Errol Flynn... This is a huge part on par with Hamlet and Richard III... He astutely aced every one of his half dozen or so major speeches on opening night with strength and passion..."

Sandy Staggs for Carolina Curtain Call, Oedipus Rex at The South Carolina School fo the Arts 

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Courtesy of Frank Atura_edited.jpg
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